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Pfizer Verification System

Please peel off the label on the box. You will find a 15-digit verification code. You can verify the product through either:

Method 1: SMS Verification

  • Send out the code via SMS to 6011-1234 to our verification center#
  • You will receive a reply message via SMS, which will tell you whether the Celebrex® 200mg 30’ s / Lipitor® / Norvasc™ / Viagra* is genuine

# SMS Verification is only available within Hong Kong area, please use Online Verification outside Hong Kong

Note: The 2-D barcode is not for verification purpose


Method 2: Online Verification

  • Input the 15-digit code to the white text box below and click "Validate"
  • Your product will be verified and you will see a summary of your product on the screen

          15-digit verification code is NOT case sensitive